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Busks, for those of you who have not heard the term, are metal clasps that close the centre front of a corset. Opening busks did not come into use until the mid 1800’s. A corset busk consists of two long pieces of steel, one with steel knobs and the other one steel loops/eyes. The busk pieces are sewn into the corset on either side of the centre front, lacing is still used in the back or sides but the busk allows getting into and out of the corset by oneself.

Corset busks come in three styles and several lengths. Straight busks are most common and are white with a plastic looking nylon coating. Wide busks are also straight but are 2" wide and less flexible. Spoon busks come in two lengths only and are made of stainless steel and not nylon coated. They are not very flexible and I have heard that some spoon busks are not suitable for "tight lacing", this may be due to the lack of flexibility. To avoid problems I do not recommend these for any "tight lacing". In fact we do not recommend any of our "busks" for this purpose as they were not designed for it. This does not mean they will not work, just that we do not guarantee them for this use. Several customers do use them for this purpose and have had no problems.


Straight Busk w/Gold Knobs

These new busks have gold-plated hardware, all visible clasp parts are gold plated - an elegant alternative from the regular silver colour (below.) The placement of the knobs of these new busks is somewhat different from our regular busks in that the bottom two knobs are closer together for more abdominal support.

91-8552G-11     11" (28cm) long
91-8552G-11.8  11.8" (30cm) long
91-8552G-12.5  12.5" (32cm) long
91-8552G-13     13" (33cm) long

straight corset busk

Straight Busk regular

91-8550-07 7"
91-8550-10 10"
91-8550-11 11"
91-8550-11.5 11½"
91-8550-12 12"
91-8550-12.5 12½"
91-8550-13 13"
91-8550-14 14"
91-8550-15 15"
91-8550-16 16"

Note: Many busks look like this but are not made of spring steel and bend easily. Beware of a "good deal" when buying busks.

Straight Busk

The placement of the knobs of these new busks is somewhat different from our regular busks in that the bottom two knobs are closer together for more abdominal support.

91-8552-11.5     11 1/2" (29cm) long

spoon corset busk

Spoon Busk

91-8555-12 12"
91-8555-13 13"
Stainless steel, "spoon" shaped busk. Spoon shape is evident both profile and frontal view. "Spoon" bowl accommodates the wearer’s stomach.

These are not recommended for "tight lacing’ but if you do decide to use them for this purpose please purchase 2 #50-8308-30 to slide in behind the 12" busk OR 2 #50-8308-32 for the 13" busk. It would be better to purchase four of each for in front and behind to give the added support these rather rigid busks require for tight lacing.

The illustration below should give an idea of the profile of a spoon busk. The rounded end is the lower end of the photo at left.

wide corset busk

Wide Busks

91-8559-12 12" long
91-8559-13 13" long
91-8559-14 14" long
Stainless steel busks, not plastic coated. Two inches wide in total, each piece is 1" wide. Low nickel levels to minimize allergic reaction. Good for full-figured people as this busk offers more support.

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